Why it might be worth looking into a mirror Will

Request a Call Back For many couples, drawing up a Will is a joint process. They will often go together to see their solicitor and will discuss the terms they’d like to formalise. While a Will is an individual document, it’s down to each person to set out their wishes (and that autonomy is really […]

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Powers of Attorney – the mental health insurance policy?

Request a Call Back As unpredictable as the future is, it’s safe to say that mental ill health will touch each of our lives in some way. A particularly worrying trend is the rise in cases of dementia. It is reckoned that, globally, the number of people living with dementia will rise from 50 million […]

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Contesting a Will

A Will records a person’s final wishes. It sets out what they would like to happen to the things they own once they have died. And, being a formal legal document, it should be put into effect when the time comes. After all, if a Will-maker cannot count on terms being carried out, why make a Will at all?